The White Villages Route – Cádiz

Olvera Cádiz

The White Villages Route – Cádiz

The white villages route in the province of Cádiz is one of the most popular attractions within the touristic offer in the region. The white villages are located along the Cádiz mountain range area, which is also known as the Mountain range of Grazalema.
There are 19 villages included, being two the recommended routes to be taken when visiting them:

Following the north route, the visitor will pass by Arcos de La Frontera – Bornos – Espera – Villamartín – Algodonales – El Gastor – Olvera – Torre Alháquime – Setenil de las Bodegas – Alcalá del Valle.

The south route is compounded by Arcos de La Frontera – Prado del Rey – El Bosque – Ubrique – Benaocaz – Villaluenga del Rosario – Grazalema – Benamahoma – Zahara de la Sierra.

Each of the villages mentioned above has peculiarities that make the visitors come back. The population of some of the villages is lower than 1,000 people, but the kind way how they receive and treat the visitors, the beauty of their landscapes and history, and their fantastic dishes make them special.

The white villages located in the mountain range area of Cádiz have multiple cottages where tourists can stay. Their large gastronomic offer is also one of their main strength.
There are multiple popular brands and amazing gourmet products that were born in those small villages. As an example, cheese brands as Payoyo have emerged in villages of the mountain range area of Cádiz. The olive oil produced in Olvera, Espera or Setenil de las Bodegas is also a delicatessen product very appreciated by the visitors. Very tasty jam, cured ham and pork loin are elaborated in Grazalema. The best raw honey in the province is collected in Benamahoma and Prado del Rey.
A lot of other gourmet products can also been found within the routes. They are probably one of the main reason why the visitors always want to come back.

Other highly recommended villages that are very popular between locals and visitors because of their rich gastronomic offer, history and culture are Medina Sidonia and Vejer de la Frontera. They are both located closer to the coast.