Naturally Sweet Sherry Wines

Naturally Sweet Sherry wines a made with very ripe grapes that have a high sugar content. The grapes are sun dried until they become raisins, giving a juice that is very high in sugar. The wines age on contact with the oxygen in the air, resulting in their characteristic dark mahogany colour and dense appearance


Pedro Ximénez

Pedro Ximénez is produced from the grape of the same name which is sun dried, thus concentrating the extraordinarily high sugar content and sweetness. The grapes are fermented, fortified and aged in the air. Possibly one of the sweetest wines in the world, but it’s aromas and flavour refresh the palate. A dark ebony colour, it has aromas of raisins, figs and also coffee and spices. It’s sweet to the palate, fresh and sensual. Best served chilled, between 12° and 14° C. Once open, it is best kept sealed and upright in a fridge where it will last up to two months.


Pedro Ximénez is a dessert in itself. It also goes beautifully with bitter chocolate puddings, cheeses cakes, ice cream and blue cheese.



Moscatel is produced from the grape of the same name which is full of aromas and flavours. It is grown in sandy soil near the sea. As in the case of Pedro Ximénez, the grape is sun dried and the wine is ‘air aged’.


Moscatel is a dark mahogany in colour. Fresh and sweet to the palate, with floral, citrus and raisin tones and light, dry ending. Best served chilled between 12° and 14°. Once open, it is best refrigerated, well sealed and upright for up to around two month.


Perfect with desserts, fruit and ice creams that are not very sweet.