The Rock of Gibraltar is one of the places that tourists should not miss visiting when coming to the province of Cádiz. It is a British territory since the signing of the Utrecht treaties and the conclusion of the War of the Spanish Succession. Although there are still diplomatic conflicts between the Spanish and Gibraltarian governments, the relationship between Spaniards and Gibraltarians is fantastic.

Gibraltar is an unique place where the most interesting aspects of the British culture and the latin culture mix up. Their British roots are notable when walking along its main streets and business centres, while the Gaditanian influence is also remarkable when starting a friendly conversation with them.

Main Street or La Calle Real is the most important shopping centre in Gibraltar. It is daily full of cruise passengers who come mainly from England and America. Main Street ends up in a big square called Casemate, which is used for the main celebrations and festivals. Their National Day is for example, celebrated in there. Ocean Village is another beautiful district where the visitors will find multiple restaurants and terraces, the casino, and other leisure areas.

Gibraltar economy is based on primarily four markets or industries that sustain its welfare state and very low unemployment rate. These industries are, finance, tourism, gambling and bunkering. Companies that relocate to Gibraltar enjoy important fiscal discounts that make the Rock a very attractive financial centre for investors and businessmen from all around the world. The number of tourists that visit Gibraltar every year is continuously growing. They come mainly in big cruises, but also through its modern airport, or by car or walking through its border. Betting companies have found in Gibraltar the best conditions to set up their headquarters. They are the main generator of employment between the companies in its private sector. Their staff enjoy also the fantastic live conditions, low prices and great weather in the region of Cádiz. The last remarkable industry is bunkering, which is also an important generator of wealth. It is normal seeing queues of big vessels waiting to be bunkered in its port to continue their way to the Mediterranean Sea.

Many Gibraltarians have properties in Gibraltar and Spain. They mainly own residentials in La Alcaidesa, San Roque and Sotogrande. Gibraltarians love the beaches and luxury resorts located in the province of Cádiz. Its gastronomy is also an important reason to pass the border for them. There are also many British, German and Scandinavian people that although they live in Costa del Sol, they very often come to Gibraltar to visit friends, develop their businesses or just buying some products that can not be found in their area. A few thousand people pass the border every day to go to work also, most of them Linenses. This fact proves that the relationship between people from both regions is mostly, excellent and that it is possible mixing cultures producing a better one.

The Gibraltar gastronomy is not very important and developed. Its main traditional dishes are also a consequence of the British and Gaditanian influence. Calentita is one of the most popular Gibraltar traditional dishes. It is kind of a pancake made with the mixture of chickpea flour, water, olive oil, salt and pepper. It is possible buying gourmet products from Cádiz in the town centre. Cured ham and cheese, olive oil or a wide range of wines from the main bodegas in Jerez are probably the star delicatessen products.