Cruises visiting Cádiz

cruise in the port of Cádiz

Cruises visiting Cádiz

A great way to visit Cádiz is coming by one of the stunning cruises that nearly everyday stop in its port. The number of cruises and for instance, the total number of cruise passengers has increased drastically in the last years. In 2015, the growth in the number of cruises was 9% in relation to the previous year. Three hundred tourist ships, with around half million cruise passenger stop in the port of Cádiz that year.

The port of Cádiz is very close to its old town where the visitor will enjoy the culture and history of the city, as well as its fantastic gastronomy. Cruise passengers can visit most of the monuments and popular streets in just a day. Cádiz is not a very large city, which make it easier when visiting the town in a few hours.

Many cruise passengers also book bus tours in advanced. These tours take them to other areas of the province, like Gibraltar, the White Villages located in the Mountain Range area of Grazalema, or even to Sevilla.

Cadiz gastronomy is continuously pointed out as one of its main strengths within its tourist offer by many visitors and locals. The quality of the gourmet products produced in the province of Cádiz is very high. They are praised by locals and visitors and recommended by the most prestigious gourmet magazines. Fried fish (pescaito frito) is one of the most popular dishes. The canned red tuna of almadraba from Barbate is also a delicatessen product highly recommended. Iberian ham, cured pork loin and pork loin with white butter produced in the mountain range area of Grazalema also, Payoyo cheese from Villaluenga del Rosario, chicharrones from Paterna, canned roasted pepper with olive oil or olives chupadedos, are just some examples of the wide range of gourmet products produced in Cádiz. They can be eaten with the famous picos or regañás from Jerez, and some of its fantastic wines (Sherries). It is recommended tasting alfajores from Medina, Cádiz bread or enjoying a glass of Pedro Ximenez as the dessert.

To enjoy the Cádiz gastronomy, it is recommended visiting the tavern El Manteca, and the restaurants Balandro or Faro.