Bolonia Beach

Bolonia panoramic view

Bolonia Beach

Bolonia Beach is considered one of the best beaches in Spain and Europe. Its white and thin sand, its transparent and turquoise water, and the lack of buildings and big infrastructures along its coast, make the place a unique virgin natural treasure. Apart from its beauty, one of the main attractions is the arqueological site Baelo Claudia. The ruins clearly show the style and organization of the old Roman Empire cities. Baelo Claudia was established in the latest years of the second century B.C upon a Phoenician village called Bailo. Its current name is a mix between the original name of the village, and the name of the Roman emperor at that time, Claudio.

The main reason why the village was originally set up, was the rich amount of fish in the Strait of Gibraltar. The fish industry and its saltwork had an enormous impact in the economy of the region. Fish and other products elaborated in Cádiz were consider a delicatessen for the rest of the Empire. Cádiz, that originally was established as an administrative city, was also distinguished for the quality of the raw material collected in its territory.

Garum, a fish sauce elaborated with fermented fish entrails, was also a gourmet product produced in Cádiz. It was considered a delicatessen and aphrodisiac product for the high-end market at that time.

Fishing has still a remarkable impact on the gastronomy of the province of Cádiz. Fried fish is one of the most popular dishes between locals and tourists. The red tuna of almadraba is one of the best seller gourmet products in the province. The annual red tuna of almadraba fair in Tarifa is a highly recommended event where a wide range of dishes with red tuna as main ingredient can be enjoyed. It is something normal preserve tuna in cans with olive oil. The final product is delicious. It is commonly used as an ingredient in salads and other cold dishes. It is specially recommended using it with fromcádizwithlove roasted peppers. The final dish is kind of a pepper salad.